Labour Consultancy and Agency - Spain

More than 3000 employees and 300 employers trust SÁEZ PROFESIONALES in Spain.

Our team is made up by professionals, social graduates, specialists qualified in Labour Relations and university graduates specialising in Labour Consultancy and Human Resources Consultancy.

As your Labour Consultancy, we look after your business, providing you with solutions related to the outsourcing of Personnel Management and analysing the question in depth. We prepare employment contracts and payslips, and we deal with salary setting, transfers, dismissals, release documents and cost statements.

Both the Labour Agency, which includes the preparation of payslips and payslip BPO, and the Labour Consultancy, inherent to the previous one, constitute a complex work that SÁEZ PROFESIONALES helps you to outsource, guaranteeing the confidence and security you need.

Please feel free to email us to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call us to +34 986 843 156.

PONTEVEDRA C/Sagasta 6, 1º, 36001, Pontevedra | WhatsApp +34 639 38 82 68 |

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